How To Get Fingerprint Resistant Photos At An Affordable Price?

Are you making an album or working in the photo making industry and need the best product for your customers? Either way, we all want to invest in a product that lasts long. Scratches and fingerprints can make a photo look dull and lifeless. So what should be done? How to make the story shine through the print without the fear of scratches and fingerprints? The answer is spray finish photo finishing services in Iowa. 

What is a spray finish?

The spray photo finish service is highly popular for its scratch resistant assurance. It includes a UV inhibitor and provides a protective barrier on top to protect the paper fingerprints. The hard scratch resistant layer is used to tone down high contrast images. 

What are the benefits of using spray finish?

Spray finishing allows making the picture stand out. There would be no risk of scratches. It is available in different sizes of lustre prints and has become the most preferred choice as it eliminates the need for vinyl.

What type of papers do they use for spray finish?

Spray photo finishing service is available for lustre, matte, gloss and satin varieties. These finishes are highly popular for reducing surface reflections and providing a protective layer that won’t scuff. 

Final words

Fingerprint resistant photos that don’t even need vinyl covering can be attained with the very popular spray finish. If interested, contact McKenna which offers the best photo finishing services in Iowa.