Photo booth props – How to choose them?

As social media and instant photo-sharing explode, photo booths play a vital role in events, adding fun and nostalgia. Guests of any celebration will have fun capturing memorable moments creatively and entertainingly with photo booths, whether they’re attending a wedding, birthday party, corporate event, or other celebration. However, the success of a photo booth experience often hinges on one crucial factor: the props.

  • Do your research – Look online for ideas for photo booth props. Gather your favorite silly glasses, hats, signs, boas, masks, instruments, etc. It gives you a starting point for possibilities. Review the rental company’s portfolio of props. See what has worked well for other weddings and clients with similar styles. Consider your wedding theme. If your wedding has a theme like the 80s, Great Gatsby, or masquerade ball, tailor the props around that. Themed props add consistency and allow guests to embrace the motif. Purchase tropical props such as flower leis, seashells, sunglasses, and straw hats for a beach wedding. Let your props enhance your theme.
  • Make some custom props – Most rental companies provide standard prop baskets, but you make some of your own for a personal touch. Sign it with your name and wedding date or inside jokes friends will understand. Simple homemade props show off your personalities. Clear any materials with the photo booth vendor first to ensure nothing damages their equipment. Provide a good variety. Have at least 10-15 different props so guests have options. Include a mixture of hats, masks, signs, boas, instruments, etc. to drive creativity. Rotate props throughout the night to introduce new ones. More variety means more unique photo booth snapshots. 
  • Include props for groups – Consider props that work for groups like funny pairs of glasses or fake moustaches so groups dress up together. Group participation can also be encouraged by giant masks or hats that cover two faces. Group props are popular with couples, families, and friends. Choose props that are easy to use. Props that are bulky, fragile, or require extra time to put on and take off. Go for lightweight, simple props that guests grab quickly. Things like sashes, glasses, and hats are universal and easy to use. It takes too long for props to be made.
  • Ask your photo booth company for recommendations – Tell your vendor how many guests you’re having and your wedding vibe. Ask them what props they recommend to go over well for your event. Experienced snap booth companies know which props get the best reactions from wedding guests. Take advantage of their expertise. Do a trial run. If possible, arrange to test out some prop options from your rental company before the wedding. Seeing the biggest hits live is a great way to find out what’s hot. Trying props out beforehand enables you to refine your selections to the best.

Fun photo booth props add an interactive element that makes your booth more popular. Tailor your props to match your wedding style so guests ham it up in photos you’ll cherish forever!