Tips for Displaying Your Photo Canvas Prints

Whether you have found a piece of great photo canvas wall art in a local shop, or you are looking to get your own photo printed on to canvas, it is important consider how the item will fit into your own home decor. Whereas a simple print on its own can look stunning, here are five alternative stylish ideas for arranging prints to create a truly unique look in any room.

Firstly, consider creating a feature out of several photos printed on canvas that fit within a certain theme.  This works particularly well with travel photos or photos taken at various different life events, and can add a real point of interest to any space.

Why not have a wall in your hallway where you hang a number of prints and photos that were taken at various family weddings, anniversaries and birthdays?  This can add a personal touch to your decor and can conjure up a lot of happy memories for those that visit your home.

On the other hand, you may wish to gather together a collection of prints of scenery from your various holidays and adventures aboard.  Have you visited some great please with stunning landscapes?  Then why not create a travel wall in your living room to remind yourself of your exciting escapades and provide a talking point for guests.

A second tip to remember when hanging prints or artwork of any kind is the ‘rule of three’; that is, three items grouped together create a particularly stylish effect in any room.  If you have some photos printed on canvas of the same size, try hanging them together in a horizontal or vertical manner in order to create an artful centre piece to your room.

This will work well with three similarly-themed but different images or with one image that has been split into three.  For the latter option, why not split up a large family portrait into three separate sections, showcasing different groups of people in each one? Whereas the ‘rule of three’ looks great as a feature on a prominent wall in a room, a different but equally good idea is hanging small canvas prints in often-overlooked places.  You may have some space above a doorway or on the side of a staircase when small prints or pieces of artwork can really add some life to your interior decoration.

Placing your prints in areas where no-one expects them adds visual appeal to places in the home that are not normally centres of interest, and can add colour to plain patches of walls, panelling, staircases and more – just be careful not to overdo it so as to avoid creating a cluttered space!

Another idea that can add interest to any room – especially one with particularly vast wall spaces – is to create a feature out of mixed media wall-art, including your photos printed on canvas.  Why not have a couple of canvas prints mixed in with some photos attached to the wall with clips, some sculptural pieces and even some wall-fixed plants.

It is wise, however, to mix and match with different but complementary pieces; all of the above items are modern in style, a theme with unites them so they do not look out of place when next to each other.

A final idea is to place some painted canvases next to your photos printed on canvas to create an artistic effect in your room.  You do not need to worry about being particularly creative either – a canvas painted in a single colour such as turquoise will look great next to that photo of you and your partner taking a dip in an azure tropical sea.

Again, keep a common theme – in this case colour – in order to make your printed photos work with your painted canvases.  The rule of three applies here too; try flanking your photo of choice with canvases painted in a lively colour to brighten up any space in the home.

These are just a few ideas on how to arrange your photos printed on canvas in your home.  These, of course, are not the only arrangements which will look good; if you are feeling more creative, use them simply as inspiration for creating your own imaginative and unique home decor.